EV JAPAN -EV & HEV Drive System Technology Expo


Dates: Jan. 15 [Wed] – 17 [Fri], 2014 10:00 – 18:00 (10:00 – 17:00 on Jan. 17)
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight , Japan
Organised by: Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. Supported by: SAE International
Web Site: http://www.evjapan.jp/en/Home/
Booth Number: West11-77

Signet Systems Inc.

Exhibited Products / Technologies

HB100K-Dual (50kW & 25kW available)

Applying own patented technology (modular structure), Signet Systems Inc. has recently developed completely brand-new design of 100kW Dual Quick EV Charger applicable not only CHAdeMO, but also SAE(Combo) standard. Also matching with GM EV has recently completed, so that almost any kinds of EV can be charged with just this sensational HB100K-Dual without regardless of nation.


20kW Power Module

20kW Power Module is a main component to charge Quick Charger. This 20kW Power Module’s maximum output voltage and current is 50V and 40A. You can customize capacity of Quick Chargers just by assembling two (25kW), three (50kW), or five (100kW) power modules of which output power is adjusted. Nevertheless, you don’t need each respective outer cases, but just one case.



This HB7K-EV, Level II AC Charger, developed by Signet Systems Inc. is designed to be very simple and plain with 7 inches LCD touch display so that it can be used by any users around the world. Not only the standing-pole type as shown on the right, but also wall-mount type is available, and it provides charging two EV simultaneously for users with dual connectors.


HBP3K-EV [ On-Board Charger ]

HBP3K-EV is one of the most universal and tough charger which world’s first commercialized switching technology is applied to. By researching and developing over and over, compact, simple, and light weight On-Board Charger HBP3K-EV has come into the world with high efficiency and power factor. Furthermore, it is free voltage, free frequency, waterproof, and anti-vibration.


Battery Pack

This Battery Pack of Signet Systems Inc. is made up of three modules. Each high-energy module is built by connecting AESC’s 4 cells in a 2-series, 2-parallel formation. Normal voltage of this assembled Battery Pack is 22.5V and capacity is 65Ah. This Pack is variously and extensively applicable to any machine or vehicles operated by electric power such like floor machine, scissor lift and so on.

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